TATRAVAGONKA (Freight Wagons) Slovak Republic

Tatravagonka, JSC (Slovakia) — the leading producer of rail freight cars on the European market. The company with nearly a century’s worth of experience in the field of mechanical engineering and industry holds a strong position on a market due to the modern, constantly evolving technology, high-quality designs, qualified staff and stable partnership.

In 2013, United Wagon Company and Tatravagonka launched the enterprise “Railway Casted Components” on production of railway molding in the city of Prakovec, Slovakia. Currently, companies are cooperating in the production and purchase of transport engineering products.

Company Website: www.tatravagonka.com

Doprastav, JSC Slovak Republic

Doprastav is a modern construction company with the history of more than half a century which is capable to offer the construction of buildings and structures of any kind. In the course of its development Doprastav has become the largest, strongest and most stable construction company in the Slovak Republic, the achievements of which are visible in Slovakia everywhere.

Doprastav’s advantages are extensive experience and professional capabilities of its staff, power and performance of its machines, quality of technologies and perfect understanding and knowledge of construction market requirements, with which we can comply with and to adapt to each client’s needs and requirements.

Company Website: www.doprastav.sk