Oil & Gas

JFE ENGINEERING CORPORATION (Pipeline Inspection/Automated Parking Agency) Japan

JFE Engineering is the comprehensive engineering arm of the JFE Group. We aim to become one of the world’s leading engineering companies, addressing ever-changing needs with products and services that draw on the strengths of the JFE Group and state-of-the-art technology.

The company has its roots in steelmaking and shipbuilding businesses and has expanded its engineering business that underpins people’s lives and industries in the fields of energy and the environment, urban infrastructure and industrial machinery by blending and evolving its technologies.

Company Website: www.jfe-eng.co.jp/en

TENARIS NKK Tubes(Drill Pipes / OCTG) Japan/Argentina

Tenaris is a leading supplier of tubes and related services for the world’s energy industry and certain other industrial applications. Our mission is to deliver value to our customers through product development, manufacturing excellence, and supply chain management. We seek to minimize risk for our customers and help them reduce costs, increase flexibility and improve time-to-market. Tenaris employees around the world are committed to continuous improvement by sharing knowledge across a single global organization.

Company Website: www.tenaris.com

AALBORG ENGINEERING (Customized Boilers) Denmark

Aalborg Engineering is a specialist in the design and supply of steam boiler systems.

The philosophy of the Aalborg Engineering product program is the ability to customize boiler solutions and meet the customer requirements based on proven technology and experience.

The Package Boilers and Heat Recovery Steam Generators (HRSG) are based on reliable solutions and each individual boiler design is unique in its own way and offers the level of customization, know-how, flexibility, efficiency, environmental protection, installation, operation and maintenance required for the plant.

With the SteamGen™ product range Aalborg Engineering can customize any complete boiler or heat recovery plant with all relevant types of equipment. It is their philosophy that customers buy solutions, not only products or services.

Aalborg Engineering is continuously developing the existing boiler programme. They are working in collaboration with the local University and partners in the boiler business in order to develop new solutions, basic design principles and products.

GRASYS (Gas Separation Technology) Russia

The Russian research and production company Grasys manufactures units for production and separation of gas media. The company also implements EPCM contracts in the field of gas separation. Grasys offers equipment based on all three existing technologies of gas separation: membrane, adsorption and cryogenic ones

The company primary activity area is design and manufacture of modern high-technology gas separation systems and systems for pretreatment and recycling of natural and associated gas on the basis of the company unique CarboPEEK membrane The second type of equipment is air separation systems: first of all, nitrogen and oxygen stationary plants and mobile stations, and nitrogen firefighting units.

Grasys equipment and projects are represented in all federal districts of Russia and the CIS. Grasys has a well-developed client network. Grasys services are used by the leading companies operating in such industries as: oil and gas-producing, machine-building, food industry, coal, chemical, petrochemical, and other industries.

Company Website: www.grasys.com

NAUTIC (Well Integrity Services) Singapore

NAUTIC is a specialist engineering contractor engaged in the inspection, repair, maintenance and installation of offshore and subsea structures as well as the design and construction of sustainable barges.

By combining the latest Ultra-High-Performance Cement (UHPC) technologies and subsea intervention systems with state-of-the-art grouting and installation equipment, NAUTIC offers bespoke solutions encompassing specialist consultancy, design, project management, field supervision and supply of offshore equipment and cementitious grouts. NAUTIC is a pioneer in the development, design, construction and commissioning of dry-docking free and corrosion resistant cargo and accommodation barges built in Ultra-Lightweight Cement Composite (ULCC) materials.

NAUTIC’s growth is continuously supported by research and development activities on Ultra Lightweight Cement Composite materials, High-Performance and Ultra-High-Performance Cementitious grouts. NAUTIC designs and manufactures proprietary cementitious grouts marketed under the NaX™ Premix System.

NAUTIC serves its client base locally with a growing network of regional and branch offices across Asia, the Middle-East and Central America.

Company Website: www.nautic-group.com

MERMAID (Offshore & Subsea Marine Services) Seychelles

Mermaid Subsea Services is a leading provider of subsea engineering services to the offshore oil and gas industry worldwide. The company provides turnkey project solutions to the industry as well as component solutions to multi- party projects.

Mermaid Subsea Services is a member of Mermaid Maritime PCL, and as such forms part of Mermaid’s Subsea Engineering Services Division.

Mermaid Subsea Services’s primary objective has been to increase business activity across all its regions of operation. Mermaid Subsea Services attributes a large component of this increased activity to the competitive pricing of projects it tenders for. The results of this effort can be seen in the higher utilisation of its fleet and assets.

Beyond its own efforts there is no doubt Subtech has been helped by more robust demand for offshore services and it is uniquely positioned to take advantage of this development.

Mermaid Subsea Services’s success lies in the ability of its staff, the quality of its equipment and the loyalty of its clients. In order to achieve success in this demanding business environment the company has identified the following key issues that require constant attention to detail in order to achieve sustained ongoing success.

Mermaid Subsea Services is constantly working to improve its management and staff to ensure sufficient strength to execute its dynamic and expanding business vision. Mermaid Subsea Services places great store in its ability to develop and attract strong leaders and highly skilled staff to its ever growing business needs. These leadership qualities are well communicated and reinforced through the performance management and talent assessment processes of the company.

Company Website: www.subtech.com.qa

PETROTEX (IECEX Certification) Australia

Petrotex Australia Pty Ltd was registered as a company in 2008 and is based in Brisbane Australia. Our company specialises exclusively in the field of hazardous area electricalinstallations and explosive atmosphere electrical equipment.

Our core business is the verification of electrical installations located in potentially flammable atmospheres. Petrotex Australia is the first organisation in the world to combine the IECEx certificate of personal competence scheme with an ISO 9001 certified quality management system, tailored specifically for the verification of electrical installations located in hazardous areas. This commitment to competence and quality has seen the demand for our services grow, as more and more operators recognise that constructed electrical installations located in hazardous areas deserve the same level of third party scrutiny as is applied to the anufacture of hazardous area electrical equipment, and other safety critical processes.

To properly manage the additional risk of explosion, special attention is required at all stages of the electrical installation life cycle, from initial design concept, through detailed engineering, construction, commissioning, placing into service and ongoing inspection and maintenance.

Petrotex Australia Pty Ltd provides a range of services to help our clients ensure that their hazardous area electrical installations are correctly designed, constructed, verified and maintained.

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 AUSONIA (Diesel Generators) Italy

“Powering the world with high efficiency and strong reliability, looking at diversified productions and eco-friendly solutions”.

Ausonia owes its success in the market to its constant effort into the technological innovation, both on process and product.

Process activities (contract management, procurement, warehouse monitoring, production planning, assembling tasks, testing operations) are monitored and planned in real time by a Software Management System which optimizes production times and processes in accordance with delivery dates (MRP I & II).

Factory production facilities are equipped with Numeric Control Machines and Automated Handling Systems, which ensure quality and standardization of production processes.

Particular attention is given to Research and Development and activities, with the purpose to provide the products of innovative solutions and updated performances. 

Company Website: www.ausonia.net

SENSITRON (Gas Detection Systems) Italy 

SENSITRON S.r.l. was founded in 1988 with the mission to becoming an international reference point for industrial toxic and inflammable gas detection.
Based in Cornaredo, Milano, Italy, for years Sensitron S.r.l. has been committed with the research and development of flammable and toxic gas detectors and, in a very short time, has ranked among the European market Leaders.

The development of sensors that have been continually more reliable, the systematic use of microprocessor technology, the compliance with European standards and the quality procedures adopted, guarantee one of the best and largest product ranges in the worldwide gas detection market.

Company Website: www.sensitron.it

TECHNOVEK (Oil and Gas Equipment Plant) Russia

Since the year 2000, Technovek gained the reputation of a reliable partner in the Oil and Gas Equipment Plant field. They produce high quality equipment, precisely within customer’s timeframe.

The design and all corrective documentation is carried out strictly following the State’s Unified Design Documentation System. Latest modern IT systems and programming is used during the design process. Design and launching of the serial production of brand new units of equipment is conducted nearly on an annual basis, wherein the most beneficial solutions are found to produce high end multifunctional equipment while remaining in a competitive price range.

Implemented here quality management system is in full compliance with a Russian National Standard «ISO 9001-2011», which guarantees high quality production on all manufacturing stages.

Technovek is a Oil and Gas Equipment Plant manufacturer. They offer a wide variety of products in a wide range of application. Technovek’s product catalog features over 200 different equipment units. Each of them could be completed in various modifications.

Company Website: www.technovek.ru

Nanjing Duble Metal Equipment Engineering Co. Ltd (Steel Structures & Process Equipment) China

Nanjing Duble Metal Equipment Engineering Co., Ltd. was established in August 2005, and completed joint-stock restructuring in 2012. The company is mainly engaged in the design, manufacture, installation and maintenance of non-ferrous metals, stainless steel, carbon steel and composite pressure vessels, pressure pipeline and components and tower internals, as well as undertaking of chemical engineering, pharmaceutical engineering, energy-saving projects, environmental protection projects, environmental monitoring units and system projects, and the design, manufacture, installation and technical services of complete sets of equipment.

The company is a national high-tech enterprise, with the qualifications for designing and manufacturing three types of pressure vessels. 

The company has a provincial enterprise technology center in Jiangsu, a provincial engineering technology research center and an enterprise academician workstation, and has set up a chemical engineering laboratory, a materials analysis laboratory, a welding and heat treatment laboratory, and an efficient mass transfer and separation laboratory with many well-known universities and research institutes. It also has more than 100 patent certificates.

 Company Website: www.duble.cn

Meccano Engineering SRL (Shipping & Marine Supplier) Italy

Meccano Engineering is a privately owned specialist engineering Italian company recognized for its competence, expertise, state-of-the-art technology and commitment to meeting the requirements of its customers.

Meccano Engineering core strengths are in the deep understanding of the businesses in which it operates and its blend of highly experienced senior staff with young innovative and extremely talented engineering professionals supported by world-class engineering, selected partners and the flexibility required to understand the needs of the client.

Meccano Engineering has been established in 2000 by skilled engineers coming from previous experiences in Major Shipbuilding and Design Companies.

Meccano Engineering operates as EPC-M and Design Authority and offers a complete range of consulting and engineering services from feasibility and concept design up to project management during construction. The Company is structured into one Operation Department and four Business Lines: Marine, Oil&Gas, Defense and Yachts.

Conversion and Refitting activity is managed jointly by the four Business Lines.

Each Business Line, inside the Company, is supported by the common services by the Operation Department which provides highly skilled personnel.

Company Website: www.meccano.digitalwebland.com