Information Technology

IBM (Technology and Computing)

The world’s largest Computer Company. The Company strive to lead in the creation development and manufacture of Industry’s most advance information technologies, including Computer Systems, Software, Networking Systems, Storage Devices and Micro Electronics. Their World wide network of IBM total solutions and Professional Services translates these advanced technologies into business value for their Customers.

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MAJELLA GLOBAL TECHNOLOGIES (IT Management Solutions) Australia

Majella goal is to provide you with a technological solution that assists you in building better business practices by accessing real-time data.

Our product suite enables you to access your data instantly, allowing you to streamline workforce strategies, maximizing critical resources giving your entity an opportunity for growth.

Majella has extensive experience working with government and private sector organizations that utilize our Majella Insight™ suite of products for field data collection. Our data collaboration tools include mapping, breadcrumb tracking, barcode reading as well as a photo and reporting system that allows for easy export of data or instant reporting. Managers can customize their view to see the data they deem important.

Our staff have years of practical knowledge directing entities through the challenging process of designing, implementing and utilizing data collection and asset tracking systems.

If you want to see your future, look at us today. Majella Global Technologies.

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ASTORIA SOLUTIONS (IT Tracking System) Singapore

Astoria Solutions Pte Ltd is a Singaporean company set up specifically to help clients in the Marine, Oil & Gas and Construction industries to increase revenue, efficiency and lower costs. Astoria is a fast expanding innovator using cloud technology and “Disruptive Innovation” concepts to transform safety, accountability and productivity in the business of their clients in the Marine, Oil & Gas and Construction verticals. Founded in 2003, Astoria is headquartered in Singapore with offices in Hyderabad, Dubai and Abu Dhabi.

Astoria Solutions provides its clients in the Marine, Oil & Gas and Construction industries with tools to increase revenue, raise efficiency and improve safety. The best-of-breed solutions empower their users with operational visibility, risk mitigation, faster project turnaround times and rapid global deployment, at lowest Total Cost of Ownership.

While serving their core clients in the marine and offshore industries, they have developed deep insights into workforce management, labor time calculations and project operations in dynamic and complex work environments. This experience has enabled Astoria Solutions to successfully implement their solutions across the industry spectrum, from SMEs to shipyards, oil & gas majors as well as construction sites.

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